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Settings For Heart Shaped Floating Candles

Heart Shaped Floating CandlesNothing sets a romantic mood like heart shaped floating candles in a floating candle centerpiece. Whether it be for a quiet evening in together or an extravagant wedding reception, heart shaped floating candles always send a message of love, kindness, and warmth. Unlike flower floating candles which should be used as accent pieces in centerpieces with other round floating candles, floating heart candles can be beautifully used as elegant accents or can fill an entire bowl and still look wonderful. The reflection of fire dancing across the surface of the water cannot be matched by any other decoration.

How To Use Heart Shaped Floating Candles

Making a heart shaped floating candle centerpiece is easier that you might expect. Use a dish or floating candle bowl with a low rim so that you do not hinder the ability for those to make eye contact with each other. A low profile bowl also allows guests to easily view and enjoy the heart shaped floating candles with ease. Depending on the size of your centerpiece, you may want to consider adding rose petals to the water to float across the top. Additionally, clear marbles or red floating water beads would add dazzling depth and character to the piece. Finally, place 3-5 red, pink, or white heart shaped floating candles among the flower petals and situate the bowl in the center of the table. As to add additional flare, mix and match colors of heart shaped floating candles, and think of unique places to put it like the ends of a buffet table, or in the center of a coffee table.

How To Buy Heart Shaped Floating Candles

Similar to any candle, there are specific characteristics of heart shaped floating candles you should be aware of before buying.

  • Burn Time – Remember, not all candles are created equal. Even though a particular heart shaped floating candle may seem to be inexpensive compare it’s burn time with other brands. Any good floating heart candle should burn a minimum of 4 hours with the highest quality handmade pieces burning up to 10 hours.
  • Solid Color - Some manufacturers, in an attempt to cut costs, dip regular white heart shaped floating candles into the final color to make them appear to be a certain style. However they easily chip, peel and eventually burn through the outer layer exposing the core wax which may or may not appeal to your particular theme.
  • Size - Lastly, be sure to compare the actual diameter of candles before deciding on a particular brand. Size is very difficult to judge by online pictures alone. A normal heart shaped floating candle should be between 1.5 and 3 inches.

Adding floating candles to your wedding, event, or dinner is sure to catch the eye of every guest in the building. Using heart shaped floating candles will take your centerpieces beyond the expectations of class and beauty, keeping friends and family wondering how you were able to put together such a beautiful centerpiece.

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